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Director Community

Connect with like-minded education entrepreneurs through Wonderschool online community. Ask questions and exchange experience via local events and workshops.

Document Management

Store all your documents (immunization records, enrollment forms, professional staff records) on our platform and never worry about lost paperwork again.


Run the reports you need so that your business stays healthy.

Easy Check In

Check in and check out children through the app so that your attendance information is always current.

Curriculum Center

Access curated activity guides based on age group, skill, philosophy, and time of day and never stress about lesson planning again.

New Enrollments

Never miss out on another interested family again

Our platform empowers you to capture and nurture family leads through the sales funnel so that you can keep your program full.

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Easy payments

Set tuition on enrollment and let our process automatically collect payments from parents.

Flexible invoicing    Coming soon

Update invoices, change billing cycles, and pause tuition through your dashboard so that you are in control of payment collection.

Flexible payments  Coming soon

Make data-informed decisions using real-time insights about interested families and visitors to your site.


Our easy-to-use website builder creates a beautiful, custom website for you so that families can find you online.

Tour Scheduling

Invite families to book tours directly through your site so that you don’t have to schedule back and forth over email or phone.

Online marketplace

List your program in our online marketplace alongside other child care facilities so that families looking for care in your area can find you.


Make data-informed decisions using real-time insights about interested families and visitors to your site.

Events and Open Houses

Easily schedule and publish events to your website so that you can promote them on social media to attract new families.

Daily updates

Send parents real-time updates through the mobile app about meals, naps, potty time and diaper changes.

Family Profile

Families can update their profiles, emergency contacts, and enrollment info all through the app.

Message Parents

Send and receive messages through the app for easy communication.

Staff Access Coming soon

Limit visibility for teachers while still allowing them to post photos and send messages to parents.

Guardian Management Coming soon

Parents can add family members to the app and grant drop off or pick up permissions

Platform for game changers in Early Childhood Education.

A journey where education meets innovation

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Director of Little Aprendiz


Wonderschool not only gives you the tools to start your business, they are right there next to you to make sure you succeed. You can tell they care about you.”

“Ellos siempre están dispuestos para ayudarnos. Yo me siento bien con el trabajo de ellos, siempre están asesorándome en todo y nos ayudan como organizar mejor el day care y lo que debo tener para la educación de los niños.”

Director of GeRandy's Family Daycare & Wonderschool


“Knowing that I can rely on Wonderschool’s technical and business expertise gives me the ease and freedom to focus on my students.”

Director of Little Nest Learning Space


“I feel much more confident being backed by Wonderschool because I feel like I am part of something bigger. When parents come into tour, they already have some trust in my program before they even meet me.”

Director of Carousel Wonderschool


Claim your website on Wonderschool, the platform that hundreds of thousands families trust.

Expand market reach 

Meet your next family

Keep track of every new enrollment: from sign up to enrollment, parents are in good hands

Growth on the right track

Work with the latest tools and methods advocated by industry leaders.


Our team doesn't consult from the sidelines - we help you change your organization from within and cheer for you at each milestone.

Center management and support

Feel supported and empowered every step of the way

Connect with other educational professionals, unlock access to premium curriculum and business management content, and attend regular webinars and virtual gatherings.

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Easy billing and payments

Keep tabs on your school’s finance and automate your business

Our billing portal automates parent invoices and processes payments via ACH and credit/debit cards so that it’s easy to collect tuition.

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Mobile App

Meet parents where they are - on mobile

Use our mobile app to share photos and updates so that parents know what their children are up to and what they’re learning each day.

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